General Knowledge Quiz

1)Choose the correct sentence:
a) You're right, your pants are on backwards.
b) Your right, this is not easy.
c) Your grammar is a sign of you're knowledge.
d) Your going to visit your aunt.

2) Which one of these is used correctly?
a) There you are, they're sending their best wishes.
b) They're you are, there sending there best wishes.
c) Their you are, there sending they're best wishes.
d) There you are, their sending there best wishes.

3) Can you pick the right one?
a) It's bigger then I thought.
b) It's bigger than I thought.
c) You're smarter then you imagined.
d) When is it more then you can stand?

4) Affect vs. Effect:
a) The effect of your efforts won't affect the project.
b) The story didn't effect my job.
c) It has no affect on me.
d) Some people are not effected by things.

5) To, too and two:
a) Are you going to send that package too?
b) He sent the package to many times.
c) Two packages can be to hard to lift.
d) Is that too many packages for too people?

6) Pick the correct sentence:
a) I want to peak your interest.
b) He wants to peek your interest.
c) We want to pique your interest.
d) Peeking at the answers could peak your interest.

7) Select the correct one:
a) He is reeking havoc with the project.
b) He is wreaking havoc.
c) We don't like to wreck havoc.
d) His cologne reeks when he wrecks havoc.

8) These are very commonly misused. Pick the right one:
a) He passed the car on the right.
b) It came from his passed life memories.
c) Going past the store made him think of his passed life.
d) Past life experiences can make you feel past over.

9) These are also very commonly misused. Pick the right one:
a) Don't except the prize if you didn't win it.
b) Accept the honor if you deserve it.
c) He made an exception and excepted the book.
d) Don't make us laugh when you except the wrong answer.

10) Reading and cooking? Pick the right one:
a) We caught him pouring over the cookbook.
b) He should have been poring over it, if he's studying.
c) It's poring rain outside, and we're pouring over a book.

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