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Granny's Groaners

Originally, I wanted to call this my Pet Peeves section, but after thinking it over, I realized these goofs make me groan. So I'll call them "groaners." Besides, it's more alliterative: Granny's Groaners sounds better than Granny's Pet Peeves.

Here is my first batch of Groaners:

  • Must of - Oh please! You must have misunderstood!
  • By in large - In a large what? By and large, that's all wrong.
  • All and all - A lot of alls! All in all, another goof.
  • One in the same - In the same what? It's one and the same.
  • Peak my interest - Maybe your interest is piqued on top of a mountain?
  • Wreck havoc - I suppose if someone wreaks havoc, it could make a wreck of things.
  • A mute point - If a point is silent, how did you hear about it? More likely, it's debatable, which makes it moot. In other words, just drop it, because it can't be settled. It will always be debatable, or moot, not mute.
  • You've got a problem. - Not entirely wrong - just very bad style. You have a problem is more to the point anyway.
  • Alright - This one didn't go under the misspellings list because it's not supposed to be a word; it's a phrase. All right, let's write it right!
  • Alot - Ditto! A lot of people get this one wrong, too.
  • Low and behold - How low can you go before you are able to behold? Lo gets your attention, as in, "Hey!" and behold means to take a look. So, "lo and behold" means, "Hey, look at that!"

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