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Resume Writing

At some point in everyone's life, it becomes necessary to find a job. Writing a resume is a common first step in preparing for the job search. But if your resume isn't great, you might never make the first cut. Today's job market is extremely competitive, and so is resume writing.

Here are a few basic tips to get started:

  • Be neat
  • Use correct grammar and spelling
  • Get help if you aren't good at writing
  • Be prompt - submit your resume in a timely manner, according to instructions
  • Be courteous
  • Don't try to be funny. This is not the time for comedy, unless the job is as a comedian.
  • Be professional
  • Be honest (but you can be discreet about it, too, if too much honesty would be embarrassing)
  • Get names right (don't address your application to a generic office, unless told to do so)
  • If appropriate, show that you know a little bit about the company.
  • Be specific about the position you desire and the salary you need.

Here are some great resources you can use:


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