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Nothing says amateur faster than a poorly written article, book, essay or web page. If you want to gain confidence - and improved customer or client response - write it right, says Grammar Granny. (That's me!)

The world wide web has it all: good sites, bad sites, beautiful sites, ugly sites, pleasing sites, disturbing sites. I'm not a graphic designer, or even the most imaginative writer, but I do know my grammar and spelling and punctuation.

Peruse this site for free advice on proper use of the English language, and if you need help with a project and don't have time to do it yourself, let Granny write it or fix it for you. (Reasonable rates!)

[By the way: If you think you can just use your spellcheck program, consider this -- I daunt thank that's a grate idea. It's two easy too steal get it rung. Spell check didn't "ketch" this mess.]

Just click on my links, learn what you can, and call on Granny (that's me) if you run into any problems.

Also, be sure to check at for many great books on grammar and English.

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